Appointment Preparation

Thank you so much for coming to see us for your oral surgery needs!  We look forward to providing you with the highest level of care possible.  Whether you are a new patient coming in for your first consultation visit or an existing patient returning for another appointment, we would like to help you best prepare for your appointment with some helpful instructions.  PLEASE CLICK BELOW on the type of appointment that you will be coming in for to obtain this information.  Not sure what type of appointment you will be having?  Feel free to call us at Marin County Oral Surgery Office Phone Number 415-461-1150 and we will be sure to clarify this for you!

  • Consultation Appointment (CLICK HERE): 
    • If you are a new patient seeing us for the first time or a returning patient seeing us for new oral surgery needs, we typically will first see you for a consultation visit.  
  • Surgery Appointment (CLICK HERE): 
    • Once you have seen us for a consultation, we will then typically see you next for your surgery appointment
    • Implant patients: Please note that if you had a bone graft procedure done and are awaiting your implant placement, we will need to see you for an “Implant Pre-op Appointment” (see below) prior to you proceeding with your implant placement surgery
  • Implant Pre-op Appointment (CLICK HERE): 
    • If you have had a tooth removed and/or a bone graft procedure in preparation for a dental implant, please note that we will need to see you for this pre-operative re-evaluation appointment prior to your implant placement surgery

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