Virtual Consultations

While we normally do in-office consultations to discuss the details of your care prior to surgery, we know that your schedule and life can be busy.  In order to help make our initial consultation appointment more convenient for you, we are now offering the option of virtual consultation appointments when appropriate.  If we have the proper reference information on hand (x-rays, referral information, photos, etc., which we are happy to obtain for you from your referring dentist/specialist), most of our consultations can be performed virtually via the phone or web, as these appointments mainly involve discussing your medical history, the details of your recommended treatment and clinical/radiographic findings, anesthesia options, post-operative care and prescriptions, and what to anticipate in terms of post-operative recovery. 

By consulting with you from the comfort of your own home or workplace, we can typically establish a formal surgical treatment plan and schedule your surgery so that you can move forward with your care.  Of course, we will always confirm the clinical findings/diagnosis and obtain any indicated 3D imaging the day of your surgery.  In select cases, an in-person consultation may still be necessary or preferred.  

If you would like to schedule a virtual consultation, please feel free to call us at Marin County Oral Surgery Office Phone Number 415-461-1150 or email us at [email protected]

If you have already scheduled a virtual consultation with us, please register as a new patient ahead of time so that we can have this information on hand for your appointment. 

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