Pediatric Oral Surgery and “Needle Free” Anesthesia

Drs. Mynsberge, Ruggles or Yang know there is nothing more precious or important to us than our children.  Finding out that your child may need surgery can be intimidating not only for your child, but also for you as a loving parent. 

Dr. Mynsberge and an assistant examining the mouth of a child patient

There are many reasons that your child may need to be seen at a young age for an oral surgery procedure, including:

  •       Extraction of teeth due to cavities, infection, or trauma
  •       Surgery in preparation for orthodontics
  •       Removal of tight bands of lip or tongue tissue (frenectomy)
  •       Treatment of pathology of the mouth, jaws, or face
  •       Repair of traumatic facial injuries, such as dental injuries, jaw fractures, and/or facial lacerations

Dr. Mynsberge and an assistant talking with a child patient

Drs. Mynsberge and Ruggles trained at one of the largest and most well renowned pediatric hospitals in the country (Riley Hospital for Children, Indianapolis, IN) and treat a very high number of pediatric patients at their private practice in Marin County, so they are extensively experienced in the most advanced surgical and anesthetic techniques needed to provide top level pediatric oral surgery care.

A patient under anesthesia

Needless to say, anesthesia itself can be intimidating for our young patients, as many children typically have an age appropriate fear of needles.  Fortunately, our office is equipped with anesthetic gas that can induce anesthesia without the use of a needle.  With 5-10 deep breaths through our comfortable anesthesia mask, we can induce a state of anesthesia for our pediatric patients.  We then start an IV, which they do not remember, and maintain continued anesthesia intravenously the same way would normally do for our procedures.  This approach is safe, predictable, eliminates the need for less controllable oral premedication, hastens anesthesia recovery (due to the need for less IV sedative medication), and is the standard of care for anesthesia induction in pediatric hospital operating rooms nationwide.  This valuable equipment has greatly reduced the stress and anxiety experienced by our pediatric patients.  

Children are not just little patients.  Their needs and management are very unique and different from those of adults.  Even small procedures, such as a simple baby tooth removal, can be very intimidating and anxiety inducing, so Drs. Mynsberge, Ruggles or Yang treat each of their pediatric patients as though they were their own and prides themselves on making every child’s experience at our office easy and positive. 

During your consultation appointment, Drs. Mynsberge, Ruggles or Yang will meet with you and your child to discuss the planned procedure and anesthesia options/recommendations.  For most children, some level of sedation may be the most beneficial type of anesthesia, even for simple procedures, in order to eliminate anxiety and promote positive and stress free future dental experiences at their pediatric dentist’s (and eventually adult dentist’s) office.  

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5 out of 5 stars based on 12 Pediatric Oral Surgery and Anesthesia reviews.

Our Latest Patient Testimonial

My son got referred by our trusted team of Dr Dorostkar and Dr Gorton to have another tooth extracted. Again, just like last time, we promptly received out appointment. Now that we are on the frequent flyer plan, I feel confident saying that Dr Mynsberge delivers consistent, competent, thoughtful, service with a smile. Everything went as smoothly and easily as last time.

- Tina B

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I have to preface this review with: I was bummed that I even had to deal with an oral surgeon for my son, and went into it with a bad attitude. My 6 year old had a filling done ( in his baby tooth) at his pediatric dentist. It fell out a month or so later. I went back to the pediatric dentist and they couldn't explain why the filling came out and now his bone and tooth are receding. Said it could be an allergic reaction to the filling, but they aren't sure. They said it now had to be extracted and referred us to Dr. Mynesberg. And by the way, says the pediatric dentist, he has another cavity that needs to be filled. Huh? I'm now in over $1000 on a baby tooth and it could be an allergic reaction to the filling, but sure lets try it again. On to Dr. Mynesberg.... He was great with my son, enthusiastic, and timely. The extraction took a short time and he and his staff were accommodating to my son's specific condition. They found his favorite cartoon and he watched it throughout the procedure with no problems. His assistant was understanding and very sweet with us( I can't remember her name as it was 7 am ). I thought my son would be swollen and worn out afterwards but he was just fine. When he walked out of the procedure a woman in the waiting area asked what he had done and when I told her she said "wow, he looks great." Dr. Mynesberg called that evening to check on the little patient, as he mentioned when we left. I'm hoping we don't have to see him for many more years, if at all, but if we need an oral surgeon we will be calling Dr. Mynesberg and his staff!

- K K

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