3D Imaging and Treatment planning

CBCT ScannerTraditionally, oral surgery diagnosis and treatment planning was performed utilizing only two-dimensional x-rays. However, recent advances in technology have made it possible to now perform three-dimensional imaging scans within the oral surgery office, making diagnosis and treatment planning incredibly more accurate and precise. This state of the art imaging technology is called cone beam computed tomography (or CBCT), which is basically an in-office CT scan. Unlike medical grade CT scans, cone beam technology significantly reduces radiation exposure (comparable to that of traditional dental x-rays), while still providing detailed and crystal clear digital images.

Drs. Mynsberge and Ruggles’ office is fully equipped with this amazing technology to provide you with the highest excellence of care. Within a minute or two, an incredible 3D image in the specific area of concern can be obtained, giving Drs. Mynsberge and Ruggles unmatched visualization of anatomic detail to aid in your diagnosis and treatment planning, to help you completely understand the nature of your case, and to discuss and collaborate your care with your referring doctor.

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Not all types of treatment require this special type of imaging, but when needed, this technology affords you:

  • the utmost confidence in diagnosis
  • the highest quality and shortest time frame of treatment
  • the best possible treatment outcomes
  • reduced time and costs associated with having to otherwise obtain these scans at expensive outside imaging centers

3D model of a patient's skull