Dental team of Mynsberge & Ruggles Oral Surgery

Our amazing team is composed of a group of friendly, helpful, and highly trained individuals who are dedicated to making your time at our office an exceptional experience.  Between our patient care coordinators, financial coordinator, and surgical/anesthesia assistants, we all have a common goal of providing you with excellent care in a pleasant and comfortable setting.  Our patients are our number one priority.

Patient Care Coordinators 

 Natasha - Patient Care CoordinatorNatasha
 Vanessa - Patient Care CoordinatorVanessa

Financial Coordinator

Diane - Financial CoordinatorDiane

Surgery/Anesthesia Assistants

 Amanda - Surgery/Anesthesia AssistantAmanda
 Marissa - Surgery/Anesthesia Assistant   Marissa
 Judy - Surgery/Anesthesia AssistantJudy  
 Jordan - Surgery/Anesthesia Assistant Jordan